Lukumades Windsor by Platon Creative

Lukumades, an all-encompassing sequence of Greek-street bites.

An addition to the original Peel Street, a new hub joins us in Melbourne, Lukumades Windsor. The humble ethos of Lukumades narrates the fit-out – inviting patrons to not simply taste the desserts but rather be immersed in the experience, modernist movement, and the core of the brand. The interior captivates with a mixed palette of luxe materials, swathes of natural tone, striking geometries and high-end joinery; it reveals an alluring sight line towards the selection of Greek sweets and coffee.

Lukumades_Windsor - Exterior 1.jpg

This boutique aesthetic is the complete fit-out narrative, which is punctuated by sleek, natural & tribal elements delicately balanced with hellenic aesthetics. Terrazzo features prominently on the floors. The striking white benchtops of the bar is echoed throughout the venue with fine brick walls. The ceiling is exposed with all of the sightly timber dowels neatly concealed from view. Circular motifs are joined by high-end grade copper tiles; masculine features are relaxed by softer timber details. The modern Windsor elements create a cohesive language and an authentic experience. Steeped in evolution, Lukumades on Chapel Street, Windsor is more than a beautiful space. It’s an authentic experience full of heart and soul presented within an immersive design.


Floorplans, interior/exterior renders & VR walk-in video provided for this project.